Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Subbed

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85. Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 in High Quality HD online on www.watchdbzsuper.tv.
You Are watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 85. Episode 85 in the TV Anime Series Dragon Ball Super.


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77 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 Subbed

    • Not really this was an episode that gave us inside to what the other universes were doing, mainly being U11. This was a great episode if you weren’t a casual.

      • you are a casual , dragon ball z rarely had such episodes , thats why the series progressed so quickly . even filler had allot of action . Stephen is right

        • I am not casual, have you ever watched Dragon ball, it had so much of non action adventure and humor. You saying that proves you are an casual haven’t even watched dragon ball SMH.

          • most of us all started here with dragon ball Z , especially here n south asia only the Original funnimation dub and orange box sets have aired here since late 90s to late 2010s , Dragon ball z surpased dragon ball a hundred fold in popularity , thats the standard bar for dbs too not dragon ball . Z was a huge departure from how db was . so shut your hole . specially if you defend episodes like the ones wasted on bra/bulla

          • Showing your true colors ehh? I don’t care if Dragon ball Z was more popular out of Japan the manga that made Akira Toriyama popular was OG Dragon ball it actually had martial arts and tactics and it was what got Toriyama started in the genre. You not watching Dragon ball shows you are an Casual fan, and that is why you can’t understand these type of important episodes, you probably haven’t even watched other anime.

          • Oh my the weebs are out on attack today, dumb statement, more popular = better, fact, dragon ball z was to the point with even filler being action oriented and thats how dbs should be too, but i bet your casual ass wants more episodes like bullas birth. And lol this is about dragon ball super z what does another anime have to do with anything? Weeb

          • More popular /= better, saying that it is, is just stupid. What other anime have to do with this? Well everything that this fucking is. This is goddamn anime, that is also why you need a broader vision of anime to even understand the simple part of a good story.
            Now you are trying to call me a weeb? You probably don’t even know what it means.

          • You guys are both kinda right. Dragonball had filler but it was actually entertaining filler. Dbs has a lot of pointless filler. Filler isn’t bad if it’s done right. This was a good “filler” episode tho. Seeing Buu get in fighting shape finally and the other universes plotting on goku and universe 7. Dragonball was better than dbz tho. But dbz was still pretty good in its own right.

          • Dumb niggahs going straight to saying “weeb”, not knowing what it means….shit you might as well be a weeb for watching dragonball in the first place smdh

          • Dragon ball Z was more popular, but Dragon ball is better, DBS is a mixture of both.
            Watch other anime for gods sake, you are sounding like an idiot that doesn’t even know better than cussing at the person that knows their stuff.
            I also started at DBZ, but i am not a casual like you and actually went back and watch DB for the sake of being a fan.
            I watched the whole series including DB. DBZ and DBGT 5 times over, have also watched every episode of Super without missing one episode every week also watched TFS and playing Dokkan battle.
            Excuse me that i wasn’t fucking born in the 80′ let alone in the 90′, Just because i am a TRUE fan and know my stuff, doesn’t make you have the right to start calling me names.

          • I agree with what you’re saying except the “Dragon Ball is better.” BS. If you were a true fan you would realize that Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are the same series. In the manga there was no “Z” part, it was all just one continuous story called “Dragon Ball”. The earlier parts of the story aren’t better anyway. We’ve just seen DBZ a lot more than we’ve seen DB, so DB looks more special.

          • I know that, but i was trying to differentiate from the anime. That was the point i was trying to make.

          • You’ve seen DBZ more. I’ve seen them all pretty equally, I watched them all in order to start, and Goku as a kid is better than Goku as an adult.

          • True, but atleast i can handle it, and i know that i am a hardcore fan, which you aren’t clearly.

  1. OMG Android 17 has become as strong as Super Saiyan Blue! I wonder how strong Tien and Piccolo have gotten.

      • No he’s not. Look at Goku’s face is the preview, he’s fighting him seriously. It has been over 10 years since we last saw Android 17, he could have been improving himself during this period. With infinite stamina I would imagine it wouldn’t be hard for him to get to God status in that long period of time. (It only took Vegeta a few months.) Also, the preview info that was released said 17 has become much stronger.

    • U people should watch episode again when Daishinkan says it’s forbbiden to kill enemy so Goku is holding back..he can wipe out all his teammates exept vegeta but that’s not a point

  2. Am I the only one that noticed the pokeball sound effect that at the start of these episode title board thingies? At around 3:13.

  3. I’m pretty sure the tournament was completely Xeno’s idea after witnessing the one between Universe 6 and 7. Goku simply reminded him.

    • Hey! And he stated it outright in the pressence of the Universe 6 Kaioshin/God of destruction. Why would he just keep silent?

  4. That preview got my hyped as hell.
    I mean just seeing 17 handling ssj blue while having no facial expressions just says a lot.

  5. Mister Popo acting like a N-nuisance towards Goku even though he knows better, gosh hes known Goku to be good since he was a tyke!

  6. I think it is nice to get background info on the other universes, get to know them better before the actual fight.

    And seeing how little time we spend each week counting down for the tournament, I’d say it’s a good month or two away.

  7. So goku and vegeta could spend 36 hours in the time chamber giving a full year and a half of training, but instead they go look for krillin and android 17, makes perfect sense.

    • This isn’t about power it’s forbidden to kill enemy so they need to play like team..u should watch episodes again until u understand and write something stupid like that..Every universe will target Goku so he need team to help him and now he’s testing them..

      • uhm..so a fly can help a gorilla defead another gorilla? interesting. super completely fcked up power levels already, frieza (devoured by regular ssj) overpowering buu (matchinfg/overpowering ssj3) after a month of training, that is totally legit. so heey, ofc muten roshi wont die from goku fart.

        • Exactly my thoughts. But I guess it’s important to fill up the team as requirement. Still it makes no sense to fly around instead of using teleport to earn time.

  8. The new Buu look is stupid they should just make him find away to transform into his other buu forms without going evil.

  9. They should now use goku ssb form on every weakling, i mean this will not make sense.. His base form is much stronger than them so think about his god form, it should not be par with them
    Happy anime!

  10. Awesome. Though I’d prefer seeing Supreme Kais cooperating, not bickering.
    Seeing Pride Troopers in battle also is interesting.

  11. Anyone else thinks that timing is too slow? Not pacing, timing: 40 hours left, 39 hours left, 38 hours left… I don’t really mind, it’s simply strange.

  12. the pride troopers are like the ginyu force lmao so sick, they dont seem that strong tho having trouble with the spagetti monster

  13. just from the preview i can already tell number 17 can go fists against fists with goku ssj blue. is this show fucking serious? Its not about giving number 17 a motivation to feel better that he can go against blue goku like it was with krillin. is he seriously going to be a problem for ssj blue? -_______-

    • How about start using ur brain? Daishinkan says “Killing is not allowed” goku is testing them SSJ Blue is about Ki Control so he’s holding back so much he can wipe all his teammates exept Vegeta…U guys need to rewatch all episodes tournament isn’t only about power it’s about teamwork and he need to test them to see if they can do something against people that u saw in other eps…

    • I guess you mean Trunks, and that would be a good idea but Bulma didn’t keep any time machine. Of course writers can just say that she kept enough data to build a new one from scratch but well…

  14. i know im late cuz i havent been keeping up but why dont these niggas just use the super dragon balls to restore all of the universes that were erased??? lmao they could have saved themselves all the trouble

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